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Samyang AF 14mm f/2.8 F for Nikon announced
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I was expecting it to have electronic aperture control like the Canon version, but I see mechanical aperture linkage.

Not sure if they will/can also bring the 85mm f1.4 to Nikon-F, because the back element sits inside the EOS mount:
It looks great!!!

Ephotozine has already reviewed it....
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Weirdness. EPhotozine reviews already often show a bit odd MTF results, but this is just weird.

This lens tested in EF mount on 5DS R:
This is sort of as expected: Due to high res. sensor is f5.6 already affected by diffraction limiting. Stopping down from f2.8 to f4 increases sharpness.

Now the weirdness. The same lens with Nikon F-mount tested in D850:
Similar resolution sensor... Similar peak resolution, but at f8 instead of at f4, even though f8 should be affected by diffraction softening already. Something is off with these "measurements".
I've never trusted ephotozine reviews and measurements anyway. I'm not gonna start to trust them now.
Unfortunately there are only a handful of review sites that I trust for lenses measurements, opticallimits being one of the few :-)

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Folks, please don't deep link images.
Links are Ok.
Please note that there ARE differences between different sensors other than resolution - and, of course, centering.
Chief Editor -

Doing all things Canon, MFT, Sony and Fuji
Sample variation? Sensor stack? Who knows.
Sensor stacks undoing light diffraction? Really?

Sample variation dodging light diffraction? A different sample of physics?
Is this version of the 14mm AF upgrade or AF+bettet optics?

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