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Your expectations for EOS R upcoming lenses
I can't agree with you Klaus but I understand it's only me. I'm not using a DSLR over a smartphone for the ability to create "bokeh" and whatever - I do so because the image quality difference is huge and besides, photographing with a smartphone is one of the most awkward things I've ever done (and no, it tops unclasping a woman's bustier with one hand Big Grin). Again, it's likely a personal thing because my smartphone's camera gives truly awful images, worse than the Panasonic P&S of 15 years ago, despite it nominally having 12 megapixels - that 2 MP P&S was way, way better! Besides, have there been any smartphones that have at least 3x zoom found on the most run-of-the-mill kit lenses? Let alone even the most basic telephoto option. I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one aware of that, and there is going to be a market for dedicated cameras even on the low end. Those who are content with always shooting at around 28mm equivalent with the quality plummeting once the light levels become dimmer weren't probably buying dedicated cameras anyway.

Oh well, speaking of the R mount lenses... I expect Canon to do an ultrawide and medium telephoto zoom ASAP. Something like the combo 16-35/4 and 70-200/4 found now in both EF, F and E mounts. Then we'd be able to say the lens lineup amounts to something because now it only has two practical lenses (and zero that would interest me, but that's again just my opinion).

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