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Pentax KP announced
I'm defending Pentax only because it is attacked, and that happened for many, many years Wink I don't enjoy having to defend my choice  Sad

Really, you folks should try enjoying your new systems without attempting to diminish your old one.


Tell me, how should I take such statements?

"The great lenses are the ones that Pentax never made, and for which no K-mount lenses were made availble, i.e., 3rd party lenses."

"I did not say only. Pentax never did, and nfortunately not even 3rd party manufacturers created lenses for the Pentax K-mount in longer FLs."


Or this:

"Only Tokina used to create a fair amount of lenses for Pentax" - wait, were you talking about the 2005-2008 partnership or about ancient history?


Post more concisely and stick to facts, and there will be no misunderstanding. Note how I'm talking about specific lenses/technologies.

Quote:I'm defending Pentax only because it is attacked,


  Perfectly understandable, I've been there and done it too go figure, many times!

Dave's clichés
I know Smile

But you also have the perspective of one forced to leave the brand, as it no longer suited him (which is perfectly understandable and natural). Me... I'm happy watching Ricoh Imaging rebuild. I know it's not easy, I know it's not fast. But I like what I'm seeing happening.

On topic: high ISO samples (with links to the full JPEGs)

Quote:I'm not impressed with these developments over the course of the last 4 years. Hardly impressive compared to what other manufacturers have done, really.

I wasn't happy with Pentax for very good reasons. Now I shoot Fuji and MFT. I'm very happy and would never go back to Pentax (or any DSLR for that matter).


I'm not sure why you feel so insecure about your choice of Pentax. If you're happy with it, then good for you  Smile

However, it might not be the case for others (for good reason) and you should respect that. No need to try to sell Pentax to everyone here.
Technically I think on a sub-forum dedicated to Pentax, the defending party is Pentax users, I don't see an attempt to sell Pentax, rather the opposite.


Currently I can understand for APS-c Fuji might be a bit more competitive than APS-c DSLRs but honestly it doesn't make a lot of difference unless you are into f/1.4 primes.


My 2 cents.

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