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MTF (resolution)
I don't get MTF (resolution)

EX green but don't see green on chart

And this is the Optics of lens correct? Quality.
Thanks Dave, that is too hairy to get my head around. I guess best to just look at the final rating for optics right?
There is no filter to find the 4-5 rated lenes correct?
Finally, do they have listed lenses Nikon Canon from 60s/ 70s?
Well, the charts are actually easy to read.
You may notice that there are 5 vertical segments.
Top to bottom:
- Excellent
- Very good
- good
- fair
- poor
And there are 3-4 bars per aperture representing the center to corner performance.

Of course, the final rating reflects that but there's no magic in there really.

As far as legacy lenses are concerned - there are very few. The interest in those lenses is just very low.
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I would add that in my impression the third vertical section in the resolution bar, which was previously labelled "Good", actually stands for quite soft results. Perhaps not completely mushy - that's what "fair" (orange) and "poor" (red) areas are for - but definitely not really sharp either. Anything below "very good" is, well, not meeting the real standard of "good" at least for frame center, and there are rather few lenses tested with center performance to ever drop below "very good" (apart from very small apertures where most lenses are crushed by diffraction).
Nice article thanks for sharing……

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