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D500 double card slot ...... SD slot fails!
There goes the 2 card slot advantage. I never understood what's so clever in doing two different card slots in a camera. Two readers, two incompatible cards. Only D5 has similar types, but of course a company needs to save money, each 50 pence counts.
After much consideration .... I have finally ordered another grey market D500 at €1,338.67 ...... I was then immediately given a re-reimbursement of 17 euros ... = €1,321.67 inc. free delivery. ....... It is of course the 3 SD slot card version ...

Since the repair of the SD slot was going to be possibly more than €400 euros I feel a complete new camera will be not only be better value, but could safe- guard me against downtime repairs .....

As far as I'm concerned the D500 could only be beaten by it's own possible replacement ........ but what could Nikon really do to improve it?
Add EF mount?
(04-08-2019, 05:48 AM)Brightcolours Wrote: Add EF mount?

Sort of an EF mount ...... but really just an F mount!

  Five days to arrive from Conceptzona .... (I've never heard of them).

  ..... and it's all good .....
XQD cards!

Just as to not let this card slot story fade into oblivion .... I received a new Sony 120 Gb XQD card yesterday (211 euros) and put it into the all new D500 ......

....... it goes in all right but positively hooks up when trying to remove it, it requires leaning it at an angle to remove it.

The Lexar XQD card is stiff and tight to remove and the Sony one catches badly ......

Somehow tolerances seemed to have drifted between camera manufacturers and XQD card makers!

The cards now live in their respective cameras!

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