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Pentax executive think people will be switching back to DSLRs
(05-22-2019, 09:21 AM)Brightcolours Wrote: And of course, me meant to say: Everybody who tried mirror-less from Sony, Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Fuji and Panasonic will come back to Pentax DSLRs.  Rolleyes

Here's a telling fact BC (which you probably know )......
  ..... In 1981 Pentax brought out the "first" ME-F autofocus SLR.......

  ..... the AF was contrast detect system which resided with it's motor under the lens itself..... the system was poor and didn't catch on ........ 

 .......thirty eight years later ..... and they still can't pass DPreview's simple weaving bicycle test !!

That is some statistic ...... Thirty eight years Pentaxians have been waiting for it to be perfected ........ how much patience can you show? ...

......... Oh my God !!
(05-21-2019, 10:39 PM)JJ_SO Wrote: Nothing wrong with the title. Toni-A said "people", not "all people". It doesn't matter if 3, 300 or 3000 will go back to DSLR, "some" is not necessary to specify as nobody knows today what will happen in two, three years. It's just interesting how you defense mechanisms (for Pentax) jump into action, predictable and reliably. Big Grin
Of course it's wrong, because it leads to a strawman. The Photorumors article have a title too, by the way...
The "same" is extremely important because the actual claim isn't about a mass phenomenon but just enough to stop the DSLRs decline. Which is a much more realistic opinion than what people are insulting Ricoh for Wink

Two questions for you:
Why are you triggered my be clarifying the original statement?
Do you think the same folks having a Pentax-bashing fest as a thousand times before is not predictable?   Rolleyes

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