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A (my) 8 euro contemporary-looking-to-modern-lenses 1988 lens.
Was that worth the effort ? up to you to judge, but it seems you enjoyed it.
I had a better find in my own house, a forgotten Canon 28mmf2.8 I stopped using since it was giving error messages besides it was pointless on 7D2 since I had EFs17-55f2.8 so didn't bother with repairso
tried it after reading your post it is working nicely on EOS RP (always error message on 7D2) so I got tiny lens very practical on EOS RP with a very decent performance for free...
I once bought Helios 58mmf2.0 44-2 it has an interesting swirly bokeh for 20$ add 25$ for Canon and Sony adapters it took some neat keepers
I also bought for 25$ Kiev rangefinder with a collection of lenses 35mmf2.0 50mmf2.0 85mmf2.0 and 135mmf2.8 they are quite nice as ornament till now couldn't find a adapter to use them...

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RE: A (my) 8 euro contemporary-looking-to-modern-lenses 1988 lens. - by toni-a - 06-25-2019, 07:09 PM

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