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Oh those conundrums of lenses lenses lenses ..........
Hi guys,
            I've been rocking the Tamron G1, then the Tamron G2 (150-600mm) for nearly five years now and had some great results with them ........... I also have the AFS 500mm ED F4D ..... but frankly it's not sharp enough and it's reputation seems to be it's only strong point has to go!
 I really want a AFS-600mm F4G VR in some guise of model ..... the FL is obviously the lens of choice but it lists at €12,000 or €10,500 grey market ....(3.8 Kgs)

  ...... all these years I've been seeing loads for sale (600s)...... but the second hand market seems to have dried up (le bon coin)...... barely an AF-S 600mm around.   

   The D500/ G2 combination opens up a whole world of sports/wildlife shooting for €2,300 ....... the D500 is still the unbeatable APSc sports body and mates perfectly with the G2 to give you all the goodies, but it's really a bright sunny day lens for BIF and although sharp even at 600mm at F7.1 or more, that critical sharpness of super fine feather detail is just a little optically beyond it.
 The AF-S 500mm F5.6 FL VR is just too short a FL for the shooting I do and F8 with a converter is very limiting,  ....... 
  Where is the AF-S 600mm F5.6 FL VR? ........ that would be the perfect lens for me, but looking at the 500mm version still sold out after a year, how long will it take to arrive? (probably two years or more).
  In order to get a sharper better longer lens the stakes change considerably .... from €1,000 at 2 Kgs .......... to €10K+ and 4 Kgs (new of course)
  So, I'm on the look out for a mid range AF-S 600mm F4G VR at around the 5K euros mark but at the moment they're as rare as pink flamingo's teeth!
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Oh those conundrums of lenses lenses lenses .......... - by davidmanze - 07-14-2019, 11:27 AM

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