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Oh those conundrums of lenses lenses lenses ..........
(07-30-2019, 06:30 AM)Brightcolours Wrote: No thoughts. The store has a good reputation, and I have no experience with the ways Nikon's VR can get faulty or temperamental. My Nikon days were in the pre-AF era.
I'd go for a warranty repair by Nikon for that pretty awesome lens.

Yes they are good people !  I sent a video looking through the OVF showing the jumping ...... they were very surprised and needed no further convincing. I

 I spoke to the guy who deals with S/H trade ins and he instantly said I could have a refund or send the lens to Nikon France for a repair of which they would pay everything .

 So the Nikon label is printed out and off it goes this afternoon ...... estimated repair time 2-4 weeks ......
 ....... a replacement VR units is 165 euros plus probably plenty of labour charges .
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