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Oh those conundrums of lenses lenses lenses ..........
(10-09-2019, 06:45 PM)Brightcolours Wrote: Ah, the darker blue is just bokeh, not fringing. The lighter blue mixing with the darker foliage, producing a darker blue. I'll try to find that half moon image.

Edit: looked at the moon image. I supposed that the moon would have been centered when you took the shot, and I do see a blue edge on the top half and a yellow edge on the bottom half of the half moon. No idea what that is...
  Yes centered .......... I've only seen of it with overhead sun, (birds heads) but why the effect is apparent with the moon I don't know either! 
 The AF-S 500mm F4D suffered much worse and could produce serious yellow fringing .... only removable by cloning. 

  I've read most of the little that is documented about the lens ...... most of it is praise .... yet; I still haven't seen a reviewer mention it's bokeh or rendering .... strange on a lens which is all about bokeh and blowing out backgrounds.
   Oh, I think the non rotating filter carrier is from another model because one review shows the knurled wheel for rotating it..... so either the guy lost the original carrier and replace it with a cheaper one ..... or he's upgraded one his remaining lenses and downgraded mine !!
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