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Canon RF 35mm f1. 8 or EF 35mm f2.0 IS
Not very bothered by mount adapter, EF version offers USM over STM plus a decent build quality besides it is immediately available vs 2 months wait and it's 150$ cheaper 
Should I get it or go RF??
I just bought the RF 35 ...
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Based on the tests I have read so far, the images taken with it, and since you have an RP, I'd suggest you go for the RF version Smile. There actually is a cashback on it at the moment, so the difference should be less than $150. It also seems smaller than the EF with adapter, but I could be mistaken.

The RF has STM as well, and IS, and is an F/1.8 rather than an F/2.

BTW, from experience I know I personally do not "see" 35 mm FF, otherwise I would have gotten one already. 24 mm or 28 mm is fine, as is 40 mm, but somehow 35 mm just does not work for me.

HTH, kind regards, Wim
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Plusses for RF 35mm f1.8 IS STM:
  • upto 1:2 macro range
  • quite a bit smaller as the other combination
  • a bit lighter, plus no adapter weight
  • 1/3rd stop faster
Plusses for the EF 35mm f2 IS USM:
  • bokeh probably a tad smoother in moderate range (excluding the real close up range)
  • will mount on your EF-mount cameras
  • for video, the USM is a better choice than the geared STM of the RF lens.
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A close friend of mine just bought this lens today (along with 6D2 and 24-70f4)
we will be together tomorrow, will test it in the field vs my 28mmf2.8 and 50mm to decide if I really need a 35mm lens, unlike APS-C 50mm isn't interesting for portraiture on full frame I am easily preferring the 85mm , maybe selling the 50mm and getting the 35 mm would make more sense.
will know this tomorrow
I took my 28mmf2. 8 on a little trip and I am positively impressed.
It's tiny good quality, robust and solid, it's very noisy when focusing but that's not an issue, keeping it till someone makes something really innovative and tiny like RF mount pancake lens. .

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