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Sample gallery - Sigma 45mm f/2.8 DG DN Contemporary
If "consumerish flavor" doens't mean "shitty and cheap" in nicer wording, I really don't know...

Why don't you tell Sigma about their mistakes? Plural, because the fast 16, 30, 56 with f/1.4 are also contemporary (so the new lens is not suffering "bad", "comsumerish" stink), the slow 24-105/4 is in the Art Category and spreads it's consumerism there, contaminating all other bricks as well as the slow 12-24/4.

And the 60-600 became a member of Sports line. Sports just means "you better work out like Jared "the muscle" Polin to handhold these canons".

I now could say - but I don't - regarding the sample pictures, "Art" would be hard to see in it Big Grin But as I said, I don't say it. I just write about the eventuality.

How about the explanation "Sigma needs to fill up some low populated categories"?

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