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Capture One 20
Capture One is an excellent product. When I heard that the version after 12 had been designed as 20 I supposed some dramatic improvement, such as the addition of some cataloguing functions in the style of Lightroom... But now Capture One 20 has been released and it's just some improvements in the user interface and quality for what concerns noise. Too bad. I'm still using Lightroom 6 in tandem with Capture One for cataloguing and I'm running Mojave, which is the last version of macOS where Lightroom 6 can run. I suppose I'll have to upgrade to Catalina within a year, so now replacing Lightroom is becoming an urgent thing.


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I was very disappointed when I tried 20 beta 1. It's no longer starting on Mac OS 10.12, they have't done anything on their so called catalog side and they are calling some 150 €to update. No way. I'll pass. I even looked into Apple's photos (horrible). I don't understand why it's so complicated to come up with an acceptable DAM. I just can imagine it's hard work and rather costly to keep up with all the various RAW formats and additionally lens profiles.

C1 tries to make money with their presets, but I can't see the value.
Yeah, similar feelings here. I got quite excited when I first saw the big jump in the version number, but I don't see anything in the actual product that justifies it.

Still, it's the only product out there (for me), that comes close to what Aperture offered 6 years ago already, even though it's definitely not on the same level. Apple photos is terrible, yes, it has improved a lot with every release of macOS, but in my eyes can not be considered a professional DAM (nor was it ever meant to be, to be fair).

Kudos to the guy who released the tool to make Aperture run on Catalina. For quite a while I don't add new content to my main Aperture library anymore, but being able to still launch it under the latest OS and gradually move all that data to a new platform is a great relief.

Yeah, we won't get anything close to Aperture in the future. All major RAW converters are developed to convert RAW and leave the dirty organisation work to some other app. Which, as far as I can see, is not born so far, mostly because they aim primarily at the Windows market and cannot transfer to Windows what Aperture could benefit from.

All the organisation structures in Mac OS are already there: intelligent folders, extended meta-data, UI-structures. To transfer this over to Windows means, the developers have to catch up with all the future stupidities coming from Redmond - as if there are nota lready enough stupidities coming from Cupertino.

I wish I had an idea what to do. Photo mechanic doesn't offer the flexibility, LR has at least kind of a DAM but I don't trust Adobe. On Serif forums each 7-9 months an old thread gets revived because the Affinity people were once announcing a DAM, years ago. and I think, they ran against the same walls.

In terms of data management, Mac OS is one of the most comfortable OS. Windows did catch up with copying functions but the mentality is too different.

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