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Interested in head-to-head field comparison?
Due to heavy case of Gear Acquisition Syndrome, I have noticed that I have many lenses of some popular lengths, most of which were constructed during film age and I keep them for their "rendering".

Is anyone interested here seeing such head-to-head comparison, leaving you to guess the actual lenses used? Obviously, we all love MTF charts, but I'm also interested in bokeh, vibrance, artistic flares, etc. Plus - any methodological input and ideas will be highly appreciated.

I have an APS-C camera and the question is - which length to start with, and where to post the images so that it does not hurt the site's bandwidth?
Nope, not interested for various reasons. If it would be about "which 55/50mm f1.2 lens from Canon (/Nikon) renders best at portrait distance" or something like that, it might be interesting. but only on FF since they would be FF lenses and the audience is not here on this forum.
One of the reasons I like APS-C is because you can mount these hefty FF lenses and get even sharpness across the frame. So comparing edges is one of the things I'm quite interested in.

Plus, some of the lenses that I have, are not reviewed on the site - some are too old, other - too new. Would someone actually be able to which is which, and until what aperture?

By the way, I'm shooting Fujifilm, which allows me to use lenses for most other mounts (excluding Nikkor AF-P). No FF for me yet, Sorry.
Guess the lens is always fun ;-)

You can post the images here but the size is limited.

Flickr is the usual suspect for free image sharing, isn't it?
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Of course interested, and BTW APS-C is awesome, I moved to full frame in 2014 (5D) and was disappointed, moved back APS-C (750D) then upgraded to 7D2.
Recently I bought EOSRP, and I don't find it any major lexcept at ISO 6400 and up, with Canon having plans to only make huge high performance lenses for RF mount, very likely my next upgrade will be an EOSM for size benefits
Would be interesting.

Once I noticed that I have way too many lenses covering 24mm and 85mm FLs (with more yet being easily obtainable) and wanted to make a shootout, but in the end something prevented me from doing so. Maybe I had no clue what subject to choose (cooperative and patient, so most people - like my wife - are not qualifying LOL).
To be honest, I expected slightly more enthusiasm from this vibrant community.

Since only one member seems to be interested in the 35mm round-up, I will have to return these beauties.

.jpg   35mms.jpg (Size: 234.19 KB / Downloads: 6)

The 85mm offer still stands Big Grin
(12-17-2019, 07:56 PM)faint Wrote: Since only one member seems to be interested in the 35mm round-up

I can count three
Current standings show: 1 interested in 35mm, 1 in 50mm and 3 in 85mm. And we have another person not interested in the comparison at all.

But I got to tell you - new optics weight a ton. Putting two of these concrete blocks in the camera bag quickly reminded me why I went for the X system back in the days. Nothing's perfect :\  Just look how small XF 35mm F1.4 is compared to the Sigma Art 40/1.4...

.jpg   35mms2.jpg (Size: 263.77 KB / Downloads: 4)
The Fuji is not in the same league, the Sigma also is an exception, and the Fuji is comparable to 52mm f2.1 in FF terms. Is that what you gotta tell us?

The Fuji "52mm f2.1" 35mm f1.4 is a bit heavier, a bit bigger, a lot more expensive than an equivalent faster Canon EF 50mm f1.8 STM. So not the best case study for Fuji APS-C vs FF? Especially when you consider the bad border resolution results the Fuji gets, even compared an ancient design like that of the EF 50mm f1.8 STM.

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