Poll: Field lens test comparison (on APS-C)
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Interested in head-to-head field comparison?
(12-17-2019, 07:56 PM)faint Wrote: To be honest, I expected slightly more enthusiasm from this vibrant community.

Since only one member seems to be interested in the 35mm round-up, I will have to return these beauties.

The 85mm offer still stands Big Grin

  I think I have just spotted the last "traces of vibrancy" still remaining in my bones .... Smile 
...... and the normal portrait 85mm FL is a lens that I'm always interested in for it's rendering qualities ...... true, it's a shame that these FF lenses are going to have their central area "scrutinized" and FOV transformed by  an APSc sensor.  Have you no access to a FF sensor?
  No, point in posting images here due to the max. image sizes ...... Flickr would be ideal as it has the most flexible format for examining images.
  I'll look at the results of any lens that you care to show images of!
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