Poll: Field lens test comparison (on APS-C)
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Interested in head-to-head field comparison?
Yes, I'm shooting with the XF 35/1.4 for several years not. It's compact and quite good, but it's far from perfect. Fujifilm does not offer anything better, so my only alternative is to look for a third party options, and these are limited on the X system. If I want to get the same look, I need 35/1.4 equivalent that can cover the image circle of APS-C. These are absent, so the next option is Full Frame. And current lenses, at 1.4, are quite heavily corrected with twice the number of elements. Be reminded that Fujifilm also tried to create a similar lens and they gave up, because that resulted in massive instrumen (XF 33/1.0) so they went for another focal lenght.

I don't see a conctradiction here, just an opportunity to use FF lens on APS-C body and get jaw-dropping performance. But since nothing is perfect, the tradeoff is that the system becomes quite heavy and with 2 top-class lenses in your bag, things become ugly.

Yes, you can get similar Noise, Compression, FOV with 50/2 on FF, but that will still weight more, unless you go for not so well corrected lens. And at F2, lenses like Otus 55 and Art 40 have nothing in common with Canon 50/1.8 or similar lenses. I would argue that these two would kick most other fifites even wide open, they are that good.

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