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What to do with the photographs taken ?
Finally I will have some time outside the hospital, in Lebanon we are doing a great job till now versus coronavirus and  we didn't have any exponential growth yet and there are hopes we might even contain the virus, since all the cases I have tested have a negative PCR I can safely go back home for easter  vacation 

I have plenty of pictures to edit and sort, and of course I will be printing a lot... I already prepared the frames, my wife who is does a lot of paintings will also contribute, we will do a mixture of painting/photography if interested I can post some here 
and I think it's a good time to share pictures online, I am not after fame, all I want is a free website where the galleries are well sorted from which I can link to pictures, any suggestions ?
Well, "free" is never free.

There is a saying in IT (was it from Tom Cook?): if something is free, you are the product. has a basic account fo $48 p.a. That's not free but cheap. And they are pretty good.
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In Lebanon we are experiencing an economic crash since October, the state over-borrowed money from local banks and just wasted it mainly because of poor management and corruption, so the state as well as all our banks are bankrupt... a capital control was instated ... money transfers abroad are all impossible... since I have no accounts abroad, any online transaction is I have no choice
Hi toni-a,

Please see my PM to you.

Kind regards, Wim
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