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A surprise visitor in the test lab today :)
"hell of a lens..." not all say that  Big Grin


By coincidence I was sneaking in the good old Nikon retirement rumors forum, a lot of men thinking in older dimensions than their grandfathers could think in. One new / old member, former PitchBlack, now PeachBlack was very cheerful about his new Sigma 85/1.4 Art which in his eyes is one heller of a lens.


Interesting points: 105 only 3° FoV different to 85, but for the price of the 105 you get the Sigma and a 35/1.4 Art for free. (+150 gram extra weight only by the 85...)  :lol: Being the 85 still a better lens than the 105. I hear already the people who were telling the 58 had the better bokeh than the Sigma 50 Art, they will come out of their caves and have a comeback soon if they are not already throwing their blend grenades.


Hell, why not, hell as place can mean a lot of things. I waited 2 years for the Sigma and to my surprise, I'm really done with buying big bricks of glass. Yes the 85/1.4 G is under certain circumstances delivering only mediocre performance and the Sigma is not that much cheaper, so it has to be way better, optically. I just don't want to waste another half day to adjust focus


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A surprise visitor in the test lab today :) - by JJ_SO - 12-16-2016, 06:25 AM

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