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A surprise visitor in the test lab today :)
Quote:All jokes aside, only thing Nikon objectively does wrong is product naming. It's a huge mess and they won't be able to get themselves out of it unless they begin from scratch.
Well, I know some classmates the "name-manager" of them was in with  ^_^


Yo mean, because they run out of numbers for professional APS-C bodies? No prob, in time they need to do the research if it could be already the time to dip a (less useful) toe into the mirrorless pond, they will not throw out a D510. So, they don't need to think about before the next, say, 5 years or so  <_<


Using (self-explaining) numbers to qualify a product  will sooner or later lead into dead-end

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A surprise visitor in the test lab today :) - by JJ_SO - 12-16-2016, 10:46 AM

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