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New Canon sensor
Thanks for sharing Wim.
It is sesnor with very interesting properties and only one shortcoming.
Avalanche effect on semiconductors is uncontrolled process. It mean that it can detect absence or presence of photon at one pixel.
Avalance diode, zener diode & powerMOS-FETs-body diode exhibit such phenomen.
The interesting part is that avalnacehe effect is fast - it happen within few picoseconds. For such small time the photon travel only few micrometers. - use for distance measurement - as mentioned in this article. It igive accuracy of laser interfereometer with pixel resolution of image sensors.
Another interesting properties is - almost no rolling shutter - only few nanoseconds. good to capture high speed chemical reaction, or moving object or particles. - interesting properties for scientific and industrial applications.

Actually quite interesting stuff with many application areas.

Thanks for sharing

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