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Nikon z5, Z6s and Z7s details rumours
Nikon will announce the updated Z6s and Z7s later this year.
  • Same sensors as Z6 and Z7
  • Dual Expeed processor
  • New battery
  • USB power
  • Dual card slots
  • 4K 60fps option
  • Vertical grip with controls accessory

Nikon Z5:
[*]The Z5 will have the same EVF as the Z6
[*]No top panel LCD
[*]Dual SD UHS-II memory card slots
[*]24MP full-frame sensor (not sure BSI or not)
[*]Magnesium alloy camera body
[*]1m dots LCD screen resolution
[*]New battery: Nikon EN-EL15c
[*]USB-C camera powering, not just charging
[*]Same AF system as in the Z6
[*]1.7x video crop in 4k, no SloMo option
[*]6fps burst

With the Z6 being a bit dumbed down Z7, and now this Z5 sounding very Z6 alike, not sure I understand Nikon's model policy.
They have to compete with Canon and Sony's entry level offerings: the EOS RP and the A7II. If the consumer's budget is said to be sub-$500, the amateur's on the other hand is around $1000, and that is where you have to be competitive to gain market shares.

So, the Z5 will be $1000 or so, it's the only way for Nikon to climb back up.

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