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Nikon Z5 announced
Very intersting proposition indeed.
I wonder how much worse the sensor (non BSI) is compared to the Z6's (which is BSI).
The body size is identical to the Z6. I wish they would have made it a bit shorter in height though.
The new lens kit could have been interesting if it had started at 20mm or had gone a bit further (70 or 80mm).
What bothers me with the Z lens line up is that the f1.8 lenses, although very good optically, are very long for their brightness.
When I compare my Fuji kit (2x X-T20, 14 f2.8, 23 f1.4, 23 f2, 35 f1.4, 56 f1.2) to an equivalent Z kit, I find the former much more interesting size-wise still.

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