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How bad can you possibly make what should be a decent lens?
Agreed about that, however let's not forget that especially zoom lenses acquire some degree of decentering with time which is normal, Canon L lenses (and few non L) can be easily readjusted but it needs a lot of experience and some special equipment so it's not something you do yourself, In Europe I expect such a service cost to be quite steep, since it needs a lot of time and skilled trained personnel.

At worst decentering can be due to a faulty lens barrel or a defective element in those cases it's also doable but the costs can be as high as the price of the lens itself.

So yes if you live in Europe a decentered lens repair is a risky adventure, however here things are quite different .

As said I do agreement with seller, I am ready to buy the lens repaired and I ask for the repairs at my trusted workshop where Canon Lebanon themselves outsource lens repairs, on the expenses of the seller of course.

Buying a used lens for half price with warranty repair for me that's a good bargain.


Used to do that before however recently as my salary as head of department at the hospital has raised, I don't waste my time with that anymore... It's good to be rich  Tongue  Big Grin

This lens has suffered "impact damage" or something. Sincerely yours, Captain Obvious. Sad

     It was the owner who suffered "impact damage" when he realised his lens was a dead duck!    :o 



    Most of the impacted lenses are caused by falling off the back of a lorry  .....

's funny though because most of those survive unscathed!  Tongue 

One could sell that lens to lomography people. They like that look  Rolleyes

Quote:One could sell that lens to lomography people. They like that look  Rolleyes

  Yep, the images it made were very similar to the Helios 44-4, where BC recommended I reversed the front element, which I did!


    You know, it crossed my mind that maybe the front element in the 1.4G had been put in incorrectly.


    Lobotomy-graphy    ......yeah I've heard of that.......isn't it some sort of neurone aberration where you have pledged your hard earned money to buy the Yashica digifilm Y35 camera?  Tongue  :o 


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