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How bad can you possibly make what should be a decent lens?
Agreed about that, however let's not forget that especially zoom lenses acquire some degree of decentering with time which is normal, Canon L lenses (and few non L) can be easily readjusted but it needs a lot of experience and some special equipment so it's not something you do yourself, In Europe I expect such a service cost to be quite steep, since it needs a lot of time and skilled trained personnel.

At worst decentering can be due to a faulty lens barrel or a defective element in those cases it's also doable but the costs can be as high as the price of the lens itself.

So yes if you live in Europe a decentered lens repair is a risky adventure, however here things are quite different .

As said I do agreement with seller, I am ready to buy the lens repaired and I ask for the repairs at my trusted workshop where Canon Lebanon themselves outsource lens repairs, on the expenses of the seller of course.

Buying a used lens for half price with warranty repair for me that's a good bargain.


Used to do that before however recently as my salary as head of department at the hospital has raised, I don't waste my time with that anymore... It's good to be rich  Tongue  Big Grin


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How bad can you possibly make what should be a decent lens? - by toni-a - 01-06-2018, 07:41 AM

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