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Nikon Z7 II and Z6 II annouced
(10-15-2020, 09:03 PM)davidmanze Wrote: Vis à vis Z9!!

I think we are going to see that the electronic shutter is a compromise that is not going to be the be all and end all of high speed shooting (easy though it maybe at this juncture) ...... with the exception of noise sensitive situations .......

While we are seeing frame rates of 20 Fps silently ...... it comes at a price ......... rolling shutter (image distortions .... curvatures) and banding under artificial lighting scenarios ...... up until now we have seen very few results from any sports events due to corivid 19 ........ but it is clear that it has it's technical image shortcomings in terms of extreme sport situations are already apparent.
All this infers that the traditional mechanical shutter for all it's negatives, is still a faithful image creating form ...... which apart from it's inevitable audible noise output has little other against it.
I would like to see Nikon adopt a high speed mechanical shutter that can equal ES Fps and eliminate or or at least reduce the shortcomings of the ES ......
If 20Fps could be achieved with a mechanical shutter in conjunction with an AF- C reactivity incorporating a sufficiently deep buffer and an extremely fast EVF processor to reduce or nearly eliminate EVF lag we could forget worries of distortions/tracking in extreme ES sports images .......

..... but more than anything else we could forget about nipping out and suffering the embarrassment of walking into a "girly boutique'" and asking for your favourite brand of lipstick!!
Keep electronic shutter and add a super-fast mechanical shutter ...... Canon already has 16 Fps in their sports DSLR ...... so 20 Fps is doable!!

Dave I think you attributing some mirror related shortcomings to the shutter:
1) shutter sound although audible is minimal, the sound you hear from DSLRs is the mirror flap, my EOSRP uses a mechanical shutter, it is barely audible.
2) shutter mechanism is rather fast, it is the mirror flap limiting the frame rate on current SLRs, of course electronic shutter is faster than a mechanical shutter, but it isn't the one limiting high FPS for the time being.

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