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Tamron A022 switch guard mods....collar for tripod foot removal! for D500
    Hi guys,

                  I've been a busy little bee over the last couple of days with my modifications for the Tammy 150-60mm G2 lens.

  The switch guard:  these switches protrude just too much and as a result tend to get go to shoot and there's no AF, or...focus limiter prevents reaching infinity etc......the first part was to tackle the problem with some form of guard shown in 6123 jpg image. It is made of fibre-glass charged polyester resin (white gel coat). Roughly cast and hewn to size with the aid of a Dremmel tool. The finished result was adhered to the lens with a hi tec double sided foam.


  The lens foot is removable which is great.... and makes the lens better adapted to H/H BIF......however, the remaining combination of four tripod mounting lugs and the rather hard edged ledge isn't really conducive for comfort.

  I cast the collar with the aid of a mould which was the lid of a chicory glass jar, I searched high and low to find something of 92mm diameter which could give a high quality exterior finish and wouldn't melt from the styrene in the resin.....luckily the plastic was unaffected. The collar mounts using the existing tripod lugs, align the dot and just push and twist.

  A car acetone based paint was chosen which dried quickly. 


  It was a lot of fiddling and sanding dust everywhere but I'm more than happy with results!

Genial.  :blink:


These switches sometimes are really bothering - not only the ones of the Tammy. The Fuji X-T2 has some candidates moving to easily, and the Sigma's 135/1.8 focuslimiter also yells for treatment.


I wanted to put a grip for better handholding under the foot but didn't come to terms so far.

Huh... I knew the old Tamron switches are a pain, they get knocked if you dare to so much as look at them too hard, but to hear that the new ones are as bad is, well, disappointing.


Anyhoo - cheers for doing something like that, I (and my hands of thumbs) would never dare to mod any of the lenses. Smile The most I ever did was taping the switches on some lenses (and once, the focus ring on the 70-200/2.8 L IS to keep the lens from falling apart Smile).


[Image: nryuTSzVQ-s.jpg]


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