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Canon RF 14-35mm f/4 USM L IS announced
(06-30-2021, 06:44 AM)Rover Wrote: Since getting the second body, it's become that much easier for me. :-) With the bodies of different formats, you're getting even more possible combos. I don't brandish two camera on every shoot but for the more dynamic and/or important ones, it's a great idea. If - in some other ideal world - I would've gone to the R system, I imagine using this 14-35 lens and a 70-200/4, though the lack of native, good and affordable intermediate option is a little concerning.

That 24-105mm coke bottle that Klaus is currently testing would run circles around the "standard zoom" you use on your current 1D, though. And it would be ok especially on an R6. Just don't forget to not turn the lens correction "off" ;-)
And of course, you can use any 50mm lens as intermediate between those two lenses too (even your 45mm f1.8 Tamron), and as lower light tool.

Just out of curiosity (and me forgetting), what is that second body you have?

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