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Canon RF 14-35mm f/4 USM L IS announced
(06-30-2021, 08:01 AM)Klaus Wrote: Standard zoom lens design is the most difficult there is. If it was as simple as re-releasing the 24-85mm USM, Canon would have done it.

The EF 24-105mm STM IS (kit-zoom) was also ... meh ... and the EF 24-105mm f/4 USM L IS wasn't all that impressive either.

There aren't too many cheap and cheerful FF standard zoom lenses out there.
- the Sony FE 28-70mm is terrible as well
- the Panasonic 20-60mm is acceptable at best it seems
- Nikon has the 24-50mm ... if that even counts
- the Sony 28-60mm is also supposed to be ... hmmmpf

The thing is - if you purchase a 30mp mirrorless FF body - don't even look at these.

However, I reckon 90+% of the FF users are surely in the 24mp class anyway.

The Sony FE 24-105 f4 and Canon RF 24-105 f4 are both good standard lenses.
The new Sigma 28-70 f2.8 DG GN seems pretty good (and compact) albeit with a limited range.
It also looks like the Nikkor Z 24-200 f4-6.3 superzoom is quite descent actually.
Finally, it seems that quite a few Sony users are happy with the Tamron 28-200 f2.8-4 lens.
It seems like modern designs are much better than old ones  (obviously) and quite descent.

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