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Next OL lens lab test - Samyang / Rokinon AF 14mm f/2.8 RF
(08-09-2021, 11:45 AM)toni-a Wrote: Canon managed before to make many Sigma lenses non compatible, doing it now is easier than ever, already EOSRP battery charger doesn't recharge third party batteries, you have to buy charger plus battery, they could easily make third party batteries non usable on Canon cameras.
Already  they made most third party flashes non usable after removing central pin.
An adventure with Canon mount  is simply too risky for third party, the camera already knows even the lens serial number, so you imagine how easy it is for Canon to make any third party lens non usable... Is is a smart thing Canon is doing ?? that's another story
It is all relative, because people can always build a lens which only deals with the EF contacts, and that works just fine, as is proven by the Canon Ef => RF-adapters. The Samyang actually is such a lens anyway.

As to flashes and batterie: flashes I can understand, because of the voltage going over the contacts and the chips in-camera behind it. The risk of damaging camera electronics is too large, and really, damage to the camera in that case should be doown to the flash manufacturer, not Canon itself. To me that seems like a logical reason to try and prevent the use of non-Canon flashes.  Even so, I am sure the 3rd-party manufacturers wil find a way around it anyway.

And as to 3rd-party batteries, as long as Canon does not stop non-Canon batteries from functioning in-camera, that is no problem either. There are enough 3rd party battery charhers out there which will charge any battery anyway. Besides, even here I am sure the 3rd-party suppliers would find a way around this - for the RP they already have done so anyway.
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