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Next OL lens lab test - Samyang / Rokinon AF 14mm f/2.8 RF
(08-10-2021, 01:43 AM)Klaus Wrote: Where is the info coming from that Samyang is using the EF protocol?

The number of contacts on the mount is identical to Canon RF lenses.
The number of contacts being identical makes no difference, Klaus. The original EF contacts with exactly the same function(s) and protocols are still present, otherwise the straight-through Canon and 3rd-party adapters would not work for the existing EF-lenses either.

Samyamg did already design a bunch of lenses with EF-contacts which transmitted all relevant information, and also created AF-lenses for EF.

Where I read the story about it being an EF-lens in reality I can not remember anymore, it was a while ago and I did not save the link, I am afraid.

Kind regards, Wim
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