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EM1 Mkii Pricing
So it's just been announced - £1849 


That feels very steep to me.


£200 more than a A7ii at rrp, £500 more than the current highstreet price.


£400 more than an X-T2


£350 more than the a6500


I could go on, but this seems very optimistic. What do other people think?



Other people? Don't know, but I think, I'd like to try one for a week, see what the lenses deliver, if I like the UI and those tiny buttons? If I'd be an outdoor photog who doesn't stay at home because it is or could be pouring down - those cams and lenses ARE weatherresistant, not only putting a "WR" on it. So far I have no experience of nasty weather together with the Fujis, but with the Olympus I'd dare to put the lens and camera through the water-surface of a river an get away with a still alive camera.

$2000 is a bit daft if you ask me...

It is, no doubt. But if one wants a real all-weather camera - what are the alternatives (except separate submarine housings)?


After reading a bit through the specs, one does get some value. I don't know another "multishot, multi MP (50MP)" body in this size. Pentax K1 is bigger. They also have a sort of advanced in body stabilisation, they even offer focus stacking (who else? but also: with only 7 selected lenses) and keystone compensation and they have to pay for the research and development of all this little gimmicks. I really wonder how to handle all this mostly software based features in that little body - that's what leaves me doubting. But the features are partly unique. 

Full frame cameras look a lot more affordable now. Big Grin

If all of the features work as promised and the body is of high quality why not?
There were rebranded Sonys with a Hasselblad logo costing a lot more than this Oly. Not to mention Svarovski Pentax K-m blingbling for just 3000 €


[Image: pentax-km-crystal.jpg]



  Wink I really don't want to defend Olympus, but this our reflex "I take it, if it's â…“ of the price" is getting a little backfiring. Nobody forces us to buy it and at the same time the experience - I'm only talking about me - with certain cameras is just not available for me. It might be worth it or not.


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