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Nikon Z 40mm f2 announced
Not thaaat small, but it is light and it renders nicely. 35mm would make a bit more sense for APS-C, but 40mm is ok for FF.
Lens construction:
The MTFs don't look too exciting, but given size, weight and price (and the sample images I have seen so far), it could still be a really nice lens in total.

Great to see more compact primes coming for Nikon Z.

I pre-ordered one, hope to get it by the end of the month.

Somewhere, a Voigtländer Ultron is crying. Smile
The lens just arrived in the lab. First impression: yep, it's plastic, but still feels fairly solid, not "cheap".

No hood included. Actually no hood available at all from Nikon.

First results: very low distortion (0.66% barrel on FX, basically none on DX). Vignetting is on the high side, more than the AF-S 50/1.8 for example.

Rainy/cloudy weather here, unfortunately. Forecast for the weekend looks promising, though, I hope to shoot some samples then.

The Nikon HN-3 should do fine for this lens...
Well, yes, as well as lots of other 52mm screw mount hoods you can find dirt cheap online.

It's kinda sad though that Nikons does not offer one. It's actually kinda silly to leave this aftersale business to others.


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