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Nikon Z 18-140/3.5-6.3 announced
So the DX Z system gets a proper long-range zoom, too. Still does look like f/6.3 is the new f/5.6 though. Smile
Plastic mount (though with claims of weather proofing), 315 grams weight, 62mm filter size, 0.33x reproduction ratio (though prolly dependent on focal length).

$600 though, but maybe will be sold for less if bundled with a camera?
Yeah, not too excited about f/6.3 and plastic mount, but with low weight and small size this looks like a possibly attractive single-lens solution for DX shooters. I'd be very surprised if they didn't offer it as a kit lens.

With the small size, though, I'm curious how bad distortion and vignetting are going to be.

Side note: I just bought a used Z Fc kit with the Z 28 SE. So, finally got access to that lens, too (still not available in any store over here) and I have a feeling the Fc might replace the Z50 as review camera.

(10-13-2021, 11:29 AM)mst Wrote: ...and I have a feeling the Fc might replace the Z50 as review camera.

After a few days with the Z Fc, I can wholeheartedly say: nope, won't happen Wink I'll keep the Z50 for DX reviews. And the X-T30 as lightweight system.

The Z Fc has a nice retro look, but feels more like plastic than any current Fuji. Difficult to hold without additional grip. The tiny LCD on the top showing the aperture value is basically useless in anything but bright daylight (and difficult to read even then). and redundant anyway: aperture is of course shown both in the viewfinder and on the rear LCD.
I like dials and switches for important functions, but only a few of them have locks (ISO and shutter speed), while others are easily accidently moved (mode switch, for example). There is no cable release, only a wireless release... this true for the Z50 also, but on a retro-style camera an old-fashioned thread in the shutter button would have been nice.


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