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Z9 teasers...
Teaser 1:
It can hinge the display vertically or horizontally. (Is that nicer than a swivelscreen? Probably not?)

Teaser 2: 
It can record 8K 30p for extended periods of time.
(10-13-2021, 01:51 PM)Brightcolours Wrote: (Is that nicer than a swivelscreen? Probably not?)

I guess it's more about durability. And should cover typical Z9 use cases (Insta selfies not being on of them)

Eh, the articulated screens aren't for that (at least not primarily). Were you joking, Markus? Smile
Partly, yes Wink On the other hand: I can not really imagine use cases for myself where the tilting angles (as we can judge them from the teaser videos) wouldn't do it. I do admit, though, that I rarely rely on the rear LCD instead of the viewfinder... only when I have to.

I remember being instantly fascinated with the articulating screen when I got the Canon 650D. It instantly allowed me to do many things easily, like landscapes and journalistic stuff from odd angles - low and high. The 80D has the same capability but it's better in every other regard. I'm a little envious of the R3 which has both the built-in grip and the articulating screen, thus combining the benefits of the 80D and the 1D series.
Nikon are quite conservative on these. I am sure you remember how long it took for D8xx to have this. I understand Nikon durability concerns but Oly M1 has had articulated screen since the beginning.
Forgot to post this 3rd teaser:

Car/motorcycle/face/eye tracking, with a nice and smooth implementation like Canon does. Not the Sony restless flicker stuff.
Looks like some really sticky AF (ok, it's a promo video, so let's wait for some field reports). No substitute for eye-controlled AF, but hey, we can't have everything Wink

Yes, the Canon EOS R3 has that eye-controlled AF selection, but the R3 also has 27.5% less resolution. We can't have everything, indeed ;-)
Well, the Z7/D850 already have more resolution than I personally need Wink But no, that's not enough reason to switch back.
I assume a future R1 will have that eye-controlled AF, too. And future lower models also.


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