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Focusing disasters with the D500!
  Oh  ho ho ho, what fun photography is!


 Wowcamera have asked me if I would like a replacement D500 of course I said yes!!


 In the meantime the Sigma 150mm F2.8 macro turned up, nice lens and sharp wide open and it's well centered.



  Excellent construction, mostly metal, Sigma made some nice solid lenses and this was one of them, tripod foot and all, just how I like them!

Nice lens, Dave. Not a focal length for me on FF without TC (I did never get along with 90mm on APS-C), but it being f2.8 it would go well with my 1.7x TC.

    I think it was tested here with a 1.4TC but it loses sharpness, I thought of it earlier and threw myself at my Nikor TC1.4EII, but of course it won't mount because of the TC's protruding element and the blocking tab.

  I'm not really convinced about TCs, I prefer to change to crop sensor bodies, anyway it only mounts on the 500mm F4 and the loss of sharpness kills it for me, I'm thinking of selling it.


 However, the 150mm makes a nice 225mm on the D500, that is when I get one the focuses...
Yeah, protruding elements with be an issue. My 1.7x does not have that (Soligor). I do not pixel peep too much for such sharpness loss, as sharpening in PP will make up for that,


The reason why I did not like 90mm on APS-C is that somehow the FOV when using it as close up lens seems not to suit my style.


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