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How would you rate the MFT market position today?
There have been a few comments about mFT being expensive. Why should they be cheaper than e.g. APS-C bodies? Most is very much the same. Just a few square millimetres of sensor size. I am not sure how much that matters cost wise, given that mFT sensors have a lower pixel pitch than the larger sensors. The weather sealing offered in the latest OM kit costs real money.

In the end, any systems camera needs to offer a decent real life advantage over an iPhone with lens array. This gap seems to be shrinking all the time. Expect things to get more niche and loose the cost advantages of mass production.

Coming back to the entry line, I am really not sure whether this is still going strong. If you are using a budget lens, 28-84 equivalent with 5.6 at the long end, indoors, you might find that you get better results from an iPhone. I read this: What is the point in selling someone a system camera that doesn’t do better than an iPhone? Have you tried using a 5.6 lens indoors to photograph children? Useless in my experience. A small OM-D with 45/1.8 works well, but few are telling this.
I mostly agree with your statement.

Yet, there is a common perception that MFT "should" be more affordable because you are getting "less".

However, at least, the OM-5 isn't new tech. This is basically an E-M1 II in the shape of an E-M5 III, plus a few software tweaks.
I reckon the related production machinery has long been written off. So the OM-5 "should" be more affordable really.
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When I look now (in the US) I see quite a few APS-c and FF cameras that are arguably better in many aspects than the Oly/Pany offering in the sub $1k price range. This isn't at all that different from 5 years ago.

I don't see weather sealing costing that much either. Plus, IMO it's overrated. How many of us are crossing the Sahara and have to have it out during a sandstorm or standing in the pouring rain for hours at a sporting event? I can afford to put the camera away during inclement weather.

Horses for courses aside, if I was a newby I wouldn't go with the mft offerings. IMO, they are pricey. Maybe this was part of the problem? They didn't have a 24Mp Rebel T7 with a kit lens for $400 to entice people to want to buy and grow later.
Historically, Pana/Oly had budget cameras.
The E-M10 series - now gone. And Pana still has(?) the crappy G100 ... and many are still mourning the departure of the GM1/5 ...
I suppose Oly/Pana know better why they ceased these product lines.

I think their shift into the premium segment is a lost cause.
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It's beyond me why Pany didn't release a successor to the GM5.
It was great and it really showed the benefits of the system.

A GM5 + Pany 12-32, 20mm f1.7 and Oly 45 f1.8 was a tiny but fantastic kit!
An updated body (with larger EVF) and upated 20mm (with faster AF) could have attracted many photog I believe.

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The GM5 sells for insane price tags on eBay (for such an old camera).

Normally, you guess that manufacturers would take notice ... but ...
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I still see the em-10 IV being sold everywhere. Did they discontinue it?

For the price of the em-10 IV with a kit lens you can buy two rebel t7's with kit lenses. The only part that would worry me now in in Canonland they seem to be a bit schizophrenic. They don't have a clear direction. I thought the Ms were going to take over the entry level space. There'd be a Rebel M.

The GM5 is pricey used. But that's what I'm seeing with em-5 III. For just little more you can get a new one. I'm surprised they're even selling at those prices.

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