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A Cuban Epiphany - the new Olympus lenses
Some very nice shots of the Oly 12-100 f4 and 25 f1.2 lenses in this post:


Hopefully the 12-100 will be as sharp as he claims although a bit skeptical.

The 25mm has very nice bokeh IMO.


Flickr gallery
Indeed, it renders background blur very agreeable.

Cool images and story.

Quote:Cool images and story.

Really? Although the images belongs to the "fashionable wide open shots"?

I adore them, great image quality, both in technical and atmospheric view, and also great personality of the photographer. This kind of open faces you only get when people believe to have reason to trust you. As you said, Rover, "....and story".
What does the aperture have to do with anything? I liked the way it was done, and liked the insights behind the images - besides, I liked Cuba itself when I was there (not specifically for photographic purposes - even though me and my wife brought a grand total of 6 newspaper page-sized photo stories from that journey).

It depends. The pictures stand for themselves. But some of them take all their energy and attraction out of the fact they were shot wide wide open. Not many 25 mm come with f/1.2
Just checked the portfolio.

Impressive, I can easily live with that it 12-100 plus 25mmf1.2, If I were to start from scratch I would have possibly gone there

Here are some other previews on the 12-100 (sample images) taken from 4/3 rumours:

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