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Nikon announced ..
Except the DL with the bad circuit board  Sad


I think, I'm so "critical" because a lot of my expectations -all, to be more precise-  regarding decent mirrorless for APS-C or even bigger than FF went into thin air.

Joachim, I think you're taking this stuff way too seriously. Smile If anything, you could've gone there to see what the other manufacturers have brought to the table. If I'd been there, I would've been all over the place groping stuff left and right... And I don't mean the booth babes, mind you, just the equipment. Been a while since I had visited a photo fair, nevermind a big one - I for one would've liked to try the Sigma GV lenses as i've never held one in my hands. YMMV.

And finally... New announcements are mighty fine but how much of that stuff you would be getting anyway? I have to admit that I got one new Canon lens last year - the 16-35/4 - but I did that partly because I was so stoked by the glowing reports at Photozone and elsewhere, and partly because I wanted to get rid of the 16-35/2.8 that seemed jinxed to me. A few other new models got me contemplating, but nothing too acutely. YMMV again.
This year I bought a bit more than just one lens, but of course, I also would have like to grab some things, maybe find a very good geared head, get an overview of flashes, talk to soem software guys. Irix lesn might also have been interesting, Sigma for sure (and what are GV lenses?)


I think I found a nice travel system with the Fuji X. I would have preferred to remain with Nikon and for the time until GFX will find the way to the market, I will keep it. But next year will be different.

GV - Global Vision. I was typing on a mobile and therefore in a hurry, to send it before the cell would go dead again between subway stations (as the proposed Wi-Fi network is not yet implemented down there). Smile

Quote:I would've been all over the place groping stuff left and right... And I don't mean the booth babes, mind you, just the equipment. ...

Sure, but these days it's not only booth babes, it's also blog babes, especially Rrrrussssiaaaan ones with a wide variety of ahem, expressions  [Image: girli15x19.gif]  Sorry, it's the wrong brand but the right subject in this threads. Babes are definitely more entertaining than Nikon.


Klaus, I hope you still have this cute leopard style muscle shirt you could wear during the next lens test. It's not only sex that sells, it's basically a lot of skin. [Image: tongu15x18.gif]
To make things worst, a friend at photokina just told me that Nikons new action cameras are behind glass and you cannot try them

Two possibilities:


The action cams are "weatherproof and shockresistant" but not touchproof.


"behind glass" is a reference to common action movies when usually a vast ammount of glass gets smashed. Camera - action - glass - lots of tiny pieces!


Everybody can screw a GoPro on a helmet and skydive into a volcano, but doing action on photokina... all douchebags?


Just recently watched "deadpool" for like the fourth time or so...

Just to clarify:

My initial sarcasm / disappointment is because of lack of concept. I have no complains about their existing products (may be a little).

Ready to kill Nikon 1...

Not even a hint what is next in the pipeline?

105mm 1.4 - great, but for how many of us?

They are global player, a little bit more commitment and transparency will be pretty good. In case one wants to maintain loyal customers of course.

And given the downturn of the industry don't you want to keep your customers excited about upcoming products.


My experience for photography equipment expo:

I haven't been at Photokina, but I went last spring to one here in LA. Visitors gather mostly around Sony and Fuji (and drones) booths, the rest of the booths have slow flow of people. It is quite obvious where the excitement is.
I think CaNikon suffer from a decease that seems typical for "old" companies - arrogance. If you look at the past five years, only the challengers produced road-maps or came up with development announcements. CaNikon - never (well, rarely) - because they simply think they are untouchable. Which is valid to some degree - photography is nothing short of a religious market. Just see the reaction around the EOS M5 - a probably good camera with a lens system that can't possibly be taken seriously yet the community screams with joy. Even the pope can't do any better than Canon or Nikon really.


I also strongly suspect that CaNikon have massive over-capacities due to the sharp downturn at the moment so consolidation is probably the top priority before anything else. The DSLRs of late were mild evolutions created with minimal investment.

Well seems Nikon 1 is not dead and Nikon investing inside

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