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new Olympus lenses officially announced
So the 12-100mm extends when zooming ... Undecided
Quote:So the 12-100mm extends when zooming ... Undecided
Ironically that video has terrible CA, you would think they would get that right
Indeed, I wonder what they used to film that guy. The green CA is at a level I have not seen before in any video, I think.

I like the "how does Olympus do it?" part.. The real answer being: using a small sensor, and making the lens an FF f8 equivalent.


It indeed extends a lot for a 100mm lens. It is not even that high a magnification zoom lens, but rather quite normal magnification. My 70-200mm reaches the similar magnification, but at 1.2m MFD, for instance. The EF-M lens I mentioned above reaches 0.31x at 45mm.


While the announced E-M1 Mark II has some very impressive features, the Olympus talk about this lens is like from a parallel universe. 


1.5cm distance from the lens for easy macro shooting? Without built in lights?

Still an awesome travel lens ... except that the Leica 12-60mm may win me over instead ;-)
The Oly 25 has a surprisingly good bokeh (sample shots at dpreview).
Yes, it is a good travel lens. There are many good travel lenses, though.

Quote:The Oly 25 has a surprisingly good bokeh (sample shots at dpreview).
Yes, it renders nicely. The flares and veiling, on the other hand, are not that nice.
If you make comments like this then I think you need to also consider the rendering and resolving power of the lenses. I suspect the 18-150 canon is not near the same resolving power of the 12-100 but perhaps you know differently.

Quote:The 12-100mm f4 zoom lens focusses much closer at 12mm than at 100mm. Interesting but it can be a bit of a bother (I get the same thing when using my 70-200mm with extension tube).

Olympus puts this 24-200mm f8 FF equivalent lens next to a FF 24-70 f4 + 70-200mm f4 combination. A bit silly.

It is more comparable to the likes of Canon EF-M 18-150mm f3.5-6.3 IS STM which is a 14-120mm f2.8-5 MFT equivalent.


The specs show quite a lot of focal length shortening towards minimum focus distance with only 0.21x at 0.45m MFD. A nice lens (focal range and sharpness), shame about the small aperture and high price.


The 30mm macro appears to be a very nice little lens, but no mention of any light accessories to help with illumination with the extremely short subject distance to the front of the lens.
you2, I was specifically talking about equivalent lenses, not about how sharp a lens is or is not (in the part that you seem to have an issue with). Nor about weather sealing, the $500 Canon is not weather sealed and the $1300 Olympus is.


But yeah, do we know how the "resolving power" of the $1300 Olympus is? The 12mm sample image is not that amazingly sharp near the edge, and it is stopped down one stop. But we don't know, as it is not tested yet. Neither do we know of the new Canon I mentioned.


Can we have an idea of how the EF-M 18-150mm will perform anyway? Yes, we can. 

Photozone found the Canon EF-S 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 IS STM to perform pretty well:


From the published MTF charts we can tell that the new EF-M 18-150mm will be sharper at 150mm than that EF-S lens at 135mm:


EF-S 18-135mm MTF:

[Image: mtf.png]

EF-M 18-150mm MTF:

[Image: mtf.png]


So, you should not be too worried about its resolving power, it should to be alright.

Robin Wong has a blog entry about the Oly 25mm f1.2 with many images here:


The rendering is indeed quite nice, but the lens is huge. The Pany 25 f1.4 is tiny in comparison... albeit not close in IQ.


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