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A new (Chinese) Micro-Four-Thirds camera plus 2 new lenses



It was about time

if you check online chinese sites you will see there are tens of manual focus MFT lenses most of them of brands we never heard of before.

this business is booming there 

That is a nicely designed little camera (although maybe a bit too much copying Leica?).... And a lens with the clean looks of Canon's EF-M range. Pretty cool for a 1st product?

That 12-40 compact zoom is very interesting!


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And a portrait prime without a manual focus ring? (Per the DPReview announcement - what looks like a MF ring is just a cosmetic touch / aid for lens mounting/unmounting, like in some of the Nikon 1 lenses). The Chinese are again acting odd. Smile


But it may be interesting to test these lenses sometime, innit?

Did anyone remember Kodak?    

Kodak brand has been sold to a chinese camera company in Taiwan named Asia Optics  several years ago.

2 years ago Asia Optics announced the first DSLM——Kodak S1  with double kit zoom  12-45 F3.5-6.3  42.5-160 F3.9-5.9 and one manual telescope 400 F7.1   At that time AO plan to announce another prime len——42.5 1.8 but  the  very few sales in China made this company disappear in chinese market very soon.    


YI-MI  is the descendant of Kodak S1, they upgrade the sensor to 20mp, refurnish the model,tiny little  modify the 12-45 kit zoom and finish the long waiting 42.5 1.8. Still it is an Asia Optics technology DSLM,just change to another LOGO.


How about this chinese DSLM?  One of my friend in Beijing attend the announcement,they told me like the Kodak S1 2 years ago,low saturation color, low dynamic  tone,slow autofocus like oly- EP1 EP,smart phone app alike menu.

they don·t have any improve in the past 2 years.


As a chinese DSLM amateur I am happy to see chinese company can design and produce autofocus interchangeable lens and camera,but I am not satisfied with this low performance low IQ camera.  Most chinese amateur in DSLM forum said they will never trust local camera brand.


Although YI-MI just sold 300 US dollar in China,  I don·t see any attractive point. (2 years ago Kodak S1 sold at 600USD)

Japanese DSLM in China is cheaper than in west countries,  we have 300 USD GF7,EPL6 and 350USD GF8 EPL7, even the cheaper smuggled camera from HongKong

Copying a Leica is one thing, make it work or sell another. But the Chinese have a huge local market and don't need to care about worldwide distribution.

English info is up now:

(it must be a chinese thing to put everything you got on a single page ...)


A German news mag reported that the focus ring on the 42.5mm is fake.  It's an AF only lens. 


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