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Snapshots with AF-S DX 16-80 VR and AF-P 70-300 VR
Quote:The AF-P monicker stands for the use of stepper motor. Canon uses the STM (STepper Motor) name for that, Nikon obviously (AF-S/SWM vs USM, VR vs IS) had to come up with their own naming convention. The "P" stands for "Pulse". Pulse as in you give a pulse to the motor and it moves a step. A bit convoluted, but that is what the "P" stands for.

Thanks. It's a bit strange from Nikon as "Sonic"-motors also are pulsed, but sonic and step starts with the same letter.
It's all marketing. Smile Pentax calls the same thing PLM.

The 70-300 AF-P FF got the doubtful honour to being mentioned by Chris and Jordan from CSTV in their annual "play silly games, getting drunk and tell us, what was best and worst in 2017"


It's very entertaining.


Oh, and that Nikon lens got mentioned as worst value for the $  :lol: like in "who needs this?" Worse was only Leica (in terms of price and value)


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