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fZeros 25mm f/0.95
Quote:I still don't get it.

If you put the 5D at ISO 400 and the 30D at ISO 100, and you shoot with f2.8 on the 30D and f4 on the 5D, what happens?
for flash photography only things that matter are ISO, aperture and subject distance to the flash, focal length and sensor size don't matter, we are not talking about DOF nor sensor noise. when you background is at infinity you don't really care for DOF especially if it has few to no details like the sky

My point was: You ignored the ISO variable, which equalizes it all even with flash photography.

Quote:My point was: You ignored the ISO variable, which equalizes it all even with flash photography.

BC, I understand your point, that with larger sensor comes lower sensor noise and thus I have the same effect at higher ISO.


However sensors are evolving and I don't know for how long full frame will have a large advantage over APS-C, what you are saying is true for 5D vs 30D but there's none of it when I am with my usual combo 5D vs 750D, I known we are comparing sensors that are ages apart, but things are evolving, and they are evolving very fast.


So with the very decent high ISO performance of modern sensors even smaller ones large apertures still make sense, on my 300D ISO 400 was quite noisy, on my 750D I can barely see any difference. SO the ISO advantage of full frame is having less and less importance as long as we are in the usual range (below ISO 1600), all modern DSLRs have a decent performance.

So does it still make sense having fast glass on small sensors, I think yes 
Toni, it is not even about the same noise. Most cameras do well, noise wise, over a whole range of ISO settings. My point if more about that you just can get the same exposure values and flash fill in with both systems, even when using equivalent apertures. Simply adapt the ISO setting to the requirement at hand.


And yes, your 750D has much better higher ISO performance than your 30D. My 6D has much better performance too than the 1Ds mk II. Technology has indeed advanced.

Quote:I'm sure the EVF's are getting quicker. I really wonder if we will see both in the same camera someday. With my ancient Sony, there was really no time lag with EVF. But...the sensor was very small so there was less to relay. Just fooling around I was trying to find things that OVF could do, that Live View could not. Well, there still are some things. With the depth of field preview button I was surprised to see that you could adjust the aperture while holding the button down and be able to better frame extremely bright scenes. You can also release the shutter without releasing the depth preview button. (I don't think this was always possible) Obviously the Live View lets you see the frame better in dim lighting. In the end you can get the photo either way, most of the time, but they remain different and complimentary tools! And I want both! I know Live View is not the same as EVF. EVF would be a real net battery life saver if you could have a switchable EVF that deactivated the much larger view screen that live view needs. I guess I know not many seem to agree, but I'd like it.

I feel before I leave this mortal coil, I should own an EF XXmm F/1.0. Is Canon going to man up, or am I going to have to wait for Sigma or China to come through?

I tried mitakon 50 0.95 from China previously. Pretty fun to use except being rather heavy.

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