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Olympus EM1 MKII seems to be in the pipeline.
Tony Northrup raves about the Canon 400mm F5.6 combined with a teleconverter and the APSc 7DII body for nature, the 400mm is compact, not heavy and is sharper than the zooms, used with a 1.4 converter that gives you 640mm + 1.4 converter 896mm equivalent.

The lens is very solid and can be found S/H for $1,000 or less!


 The 7DII shoots at 10Fps and has a pro level AF.


The whole caboodle is about as "light and compact as you can get" for birding and nature.



Here's a link to his comparison video:

Quote:I have a 7D II and I am not so impressed actually ....

Is it the same as in 80D? I feel the one in 80D is pretty snappy, or maybe I just used fujifilm too much

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