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Nikkor AF-S 105mm f1.4E ED to be announced soon
No, you're right, BC. I see other hints as well; Look at the smooth radii of the 24 when the diameter changes and the comparatively sharp edges (smaller radii are possible with plastic, less so with magnesium).


So they did the same as they did with the 300/4 PF E - whole barrel made of plastic and probably also in China. Therefore the price appears even more stiff to me.  Sad


Anyway, my main concern beside the construction is regarding to the combination tele + wide open + AF module instead of LiveView. Nikon - at least with the lenses I know - has troubles to get the tolerances of this AF tight enough. Too many missed focus shots justify no 2.200$ but of course, that's pure prejudice.

I replaced a ribbon cable in a canon 17-85 a few years ago. Outside was all plastic, but had a metal frame inside. I was actually quiet impressed.

Additional information here:


  • The "three-dimensional high fidelity" NIKKOR lens design concept enables render
    ing of the large and beautiful bokeh with gradual transition from the focus position increases and a natural sense of depth
Right, High-fidelity always cost more than transistor radio... Good to know for what they use the money. Sentences like the above sound expensive. Great marekting, Nikon!  Big Grin


But beside of that, the sample pictures are stunning! Really well done.

It renders pretty smoothly in the background. Nice. The narrow F-mount does make for very strong cats eye effect:

A high end lens with a high end price tag.

The review at has verdict already and good number of sample images. I am not sure how to post a link here.

Anyway, It received Highly Recommended  there.


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