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lightweight decent replacement for canon 24-105L on 5Diii
Quote:I can't imagine how a recent Nikon APS-C camera with 16-85 DX would be too "unresponsive" for landscape photography. Seriously. I shot a D90 for a while and it was great, except that the sensor was getting old (dynamic range, pixel count, high ISO for night sky). That aside, why bother with a 24-105 for landscapes? 16-35 something is a much more useful range for this. If he needs longer, add a normal prime or a short telephoto.


That said, if I were to start out now, I'd go for a Sony A7r II + Sony 12-24/4.
He was complaining in fact of slow menu, each time he needed something there was an hourglass appearing...he had also canon16-35f4IS he sold and got voigtlander 20mmf3.5 instead.

his gear now is canon 5Diii, voigtlander 20mmf3.5, canon 24-105L he is selling, Canon 28-105m canon 35mmf2.0, canon 50mmf1.4 (he bought in august, barely used, I am buying to replace my aging 50f1.4)

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lightweight decent replacement for canon 24-105L on 5Diii - by toni-a - 12-10-2017, 02:29 PM

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