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Selling Canon 50mm f1.4 to buy...Canon 50mm f1.4
Get a good mirrorless. If at all, there you get maximum precision. Btw. the recent  firmare upgrade of Fuji X-T2 makes AF-C at least useful and not longer a "hunting season".


A 50 mm is either way not the best for portraiture. Meanwhile I know, my "always with me" lens is a 35 mm. A 50 mm to me is a bad halfway house between overview and real detail.


If even the D850 only guarantees around 95% hits in the center and gets with al other lenses wide open much less keepers in the outer AF point range, then one needs to aks if it's worth the trouble to fiddle around with AFMA.


The 50 mm's, if I daresay so, are legacies from the past when we had 50/1.7 as the cheap kit lens. Good or great 35 or 85 were always much more expensive around f/2 or even f/1.4.


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Selling Canon 50mm f1.4 to buy...Canon 50mm f1.4 - by JJ_SO - 12-07-2017, 08:17 AM

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