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Next lens review: Nikkor AF-S 58mm f/1.4 G (DX)
A strange beast on DX:

 Coming thick and fast Markus, well done!  


   This lens caused a stir when released because of it's price, looks very ordinary on the DX sensor here, not a lot better than the 50 mm F1.4G.


    It suffers here wide open with both sharpness and mushiness, certainly not a viable proposition for crop bodies, not that many will find themselves on one!


  The one thing that Nikon lacks (amongst others) is a stabilized standard prime, it's a huge hole for a pro camera system. I'm in the market to replace my very cheaply purchased AF50 F1.8D with it's gritty bokeh......... there just isn't one in the F mount, all excepting the Tamron 45mm.


  How come the AF85mm F1.8D is way sharper than a standard prime wide open?


   BTW.  "It's worth mentioning" that  "it's worth to check out"   is, "it's worth checking out" 
This lens had caused quite a split in the community; most tests have found it to be very much inferior to the other modern standard primes (just read Lenstip's review, they went ballistic in the summary) whereas some users are gushing about "magical rendering" and whatnot.


By the way Markus, does this test mean that you'll be getting to evaluate the other 50ish primes on DX now? When browsing the review section I've noticed the strange absence of any DX/16MP tests in that range.


And there's a couple of other (crop) lenses I'm curious about: Sigma 30mm Art and Tamron 10-24mm VC. Are they on the horizon?

Quote:The one thing that Nikon lacks (amongst others) is a stabilized standard prime, 

Good morning professeur dave,


if you say "the one thing (amongst others)", then there are simply more than one things. "One of those things" reads're welcome.  Tongue
About that lens: When I saw the fist tests years ago (hrrrmm, no offense, Markus ^_^ ) the explanation for the soso performance was a) for bokeh sharpness has to suffer and b) it's field curvature.



Field curvature for fanboys is "Russian hackers" for sloppy programmers. The UFO you can't work around. One should think, such an expensive lens made in China should be able to do some magic.

Quote:Good morning professeur dave,


if you say "the one thing (amongst others)",          "then there are simply more than one things"......X


     errr.  then there is simply more than one thing!   


   "One of those things" reads're welcome.  Tongue

  "The one thing (amongst others)"  is fine..... professor JoJu!   you are highlighting "one" out of several things.


  "My wife just left me and is going to sue me for all the money I have"    


     "Oh, it's just  one of those things"! ...........    a common example!



   What you meant to write was:    "One of the things".....that is equally fine."!


          avec tout le plaisir du monde  mon cher ami!   Big Grin



     Luckily for me I'm fresh out of least my ones!   Rolleyes



   When you've been speaking your native tongue all you life....mistakes are rare....mind you my spelling is not so great........

                       ....thank the Lord for spell check!

Your wife left you?


How sad.  Sad

     Did I say my wife?       



    Sorry, I should have said "a" wife!    Tongue
Seems boring for a 58mm lens. kind of disappointing I think

At least it makes a D7200 looking more important  ^_^


And doubles the price of it - oh, there's a cashback promo on this. Pity it's not o the 105/1.4  :mellow:


Correction: it's also a cashback promo on the 105. 1900.- instead of 2000.- I'll take a dozen...  :wacko:


Hmmm (1): Laowa 105/2 with Apodisation filter is 10% cheaper at the moment. Fully manual but maybe...


Hmmm (2) why are these 105 mm lenses not listed in the PZ repertory? Aaah, they were not tested until now?


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