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Sucked in again?
What a nice find, the fungus hoax must have kept the price down nicely too.

I am sure you will enjoy the lens as much as I do, it is a thing of beauty. Don't be afraid to use it wide open too. You have the original lens hood too, that is nice. Mine has a old (period correct) rubber lens hood (from my dad from the 70's), which I "restored" to rubber softness with a water/ammonia bath.


You did a pretty neat job with the Ai hack too. The lens in the video is a weird bastard: it is the Nikkor-S with the Nikkor "K" rubber aperture ring.

Three portraits of friends all taken fully open F1.2...Edit...looking I think No. 2 is maybe F2.8 (not sure)......a bit of


contrast boost adjustment brush etc......


  ...Oh "bokeh fringing removal" with the chromatic aberration tool (colour fringing sliders)........ the pendant on


    the chain had purple fringing.....the chain green....the colour changes like flicking a switch!


 Don't think I just went out and nailed the focus, a one in fifteen success rate if your doing well!

Dave's clichés

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