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Full user review of the Nikon D500.
Hi guys,

             I just came across this user review of the Nikon D500, the guy was shooting an assignment  with it last November.


  In short it looks sensational!



 the link;

Dave's clichés
The guy does not understand AA-filters much (and certainly not sampling theory). He also shoots with crazy deep DOF, so he did not really test or tax the AF system. The camera reads very impressive, but this review is... well, a bit worthless. Can't blame the D500 for that, of course.

This is a great DX camera but at the end of the day if you don't need extra reach, and most importantly, 10 fps I reckon you are better off with a FF for most things.


I really didn't see that the reviewer who was pretty close to the action had a real need for DX.

These days I find Dpreview style testing rather tedious with five chapters dedicated to menus and button placements followed by fifty images of crayons and objects d'art that seem to resemble more and more one another...........(mega yawn)....  :o


    ......the guy takes the D500 and puts it through it paces in a real live dark tough shooting environment and it comes up trumps........AF, noise and all!........
 fact no big surprise here anyway!..............we know it's a great 10Fps monumentally buffered sports shooting DSLR... with the benefits of the D750's tilting screen plus new touch features.............


..........we will soon  get the various performance crunching numbers to  see where it sits in the hierarchy of sensors according to the gospel of DXO!


 One figure will however interest me and that's it's DR score, the D750 achieves 14.5 EV will it score higher?


  Oops sorry BC....... Big Grin  Rolleyes



  Yes Studor 13, a FF would have been better, but it might have seemed a bit ungrateful to have shunned Nikon's D500 testing opportunity........ Who would have said "No thanks Nikon, I'm not up for it"?

Dave's clichés

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