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Finally: D500 announced (and D5 really official)
DPReview just posted an article about "things to know about D5/D500"


So, they did it - not again, just once more: broke down their job and hand it to the photog who has to scroll his thumb off to browse the menu - not to speak about comprehend all that stuff. That makes the difference to the true pro's, they just have to concern about more settings, while enthusiast get more subjects to talk, debate and argue about in forums.


I wonder how many pictures can be taken just by those features? And if normal voodoo wouldn't just do the same trick?  :unsure: And I easily can imagine comedy show scenes based on features like "Blocked shot AF response" or not having an "extra high focus point illumination".

D5 frustrations:
While the 1D-X mk II has improved DR, Nikonians complain about the D5 having the worst DR (a step down from the D4/D4s). Personally I'd advice them to not care about silly DR differences, but who am I.
Also, the Auto AF fine tune.
And then there is the disappointment about the very high ISO settings being totally unusable:
Auto AF Fine Tune: Nothing, absolutely nothing to the subject, but hundreds of words around which address people entirely new to AFMA, not to speak about Auto AFMA. It doesn't appear to me this guy tried that function with many lenses, he just blows a can of (more) hot air into the cosmos. In my experience his "max +5/-5" is plain bullshit, I had lenses from Nikon which were off around 15. So, talking the need of AFMA down - I don't agree. Needing careful proceeding - I agree. Opening a can of worms - I agree, too, but that's the solution of the otherwise impossible to get FDAF-modules to zero tolerances.


Oh, and 3 million ISO are not the same as 400? how surprising... who says unusable? Marketing department was for sure very happy to put such numbers into the feature list  :lol:


It would have been a miracle to me, if the early adopters would remain happy , people who want to find issues or "good - bad - ugly" combinations will find them - no matter if it's Nikon D5 or whatever else.


The DR can be an issue, but for as sports- and action camera I also would not put too much weight on that. Or to be more precise: I never will buy one anyway. On the other side, the way dpreview works on finding the DR is quite useful. Sure, one can always do the HDR-series of static subjects which users of less good DR capable bodies have to do because otherwise they get weak shadows and blown highlights. I'd be disappointed if the sensor of the D810 made less than 4 stops of underexposure possible. To me, great DR is a very welcome feature - 3 million ISO are not.

As the dust begins to settle around the D5 and it's foibles, I must say that for all the "raz a ma taz",  the end result is pretty underwhelming.....low ISO DR is worse than their lesser cameras.....the AF is maybe a tad better, but only slightly against the D4S..............

   ..........the movie mode in HD is decent........ but has it's pants pulled down with it's three minute 4K.......and it's clunky LV/movie mode AF is as poor as it gets!.........

 .....the fact that there are many D4/D4S coming up here S/H shows that some are upgrading........most haven't that many clicks on the shutter, so it's not because they are worn out........I guess they just have have the latest model!


  The Camera Store wraps up the situation nicely here.........





 To be quite honest I think the Canon will be the better pro body, TCS will no doubt be on the case..




  It's also nice to know that the D750 produces images of better quality, for a 1/4 of the price.

I thought there was a firmware upgrade which allows more than 3 min 4K?


But man, what am I talking about? Don't think I ever took more video footage than for ½ hour in total, so? Who cares? No offense meant BC or dave, I just think, the D5 is a rather, rather specialized thing, high fps at low light appears to be best and for any other situations there are dozens of better cameras around. I can live without that thing, however it is nice to clean it in some kind of fresh water Big Grin  

 If the three minute thing is about the sensor overheating then one wonders how could they get round it...... the up coming Canon has sensor cooling...........

   As for "who cares"? ......I can't say I'm in tears about it,  however, I still wonder why Nikon is making the D5 "such" a specialist DSLR?.......it's not great for landscape or portrait photogs..... productotogs.....streetotogs  or generalotogs....and pro-togs taking video......


      .........Nikon must be catering for sportotogs exclusively here......shooting in the dark.....



  In fact my sleeping bag has a better "TOG" rating  and it trumps the D5 by being machine washable!

Yes, but your sleeping bag has also a noise problem.


Which could even be more noise with you in it. At night and high ISO (Inverse Snoring Ommittances)


D4 never was a landscape thing, nor any of the other subject you mentioned. And for street? You could end up with the German photographer in Barcelona (?) getting two Canon prototypes stolen out of the car. I think he completely misunderstood street photography. Most Streetogs don't use cars to do the job.

Quote:.......it's not great for landscape or portrait photogs..... productotogs.....streetotogs  or generalotogs....and pro-togs taking
Do you know a guy called Steve Atkins on Pnet? You sound just like him. This guys just hates Nikon. Don't know really, maybe a NIkon shooter ran off with his girlfriend or wife.

Look, I have a Nikon J5 that has a tiny sensor compared with a D5, and the J5 has IQ that is mind boggling.

Which Nikon cameras do you actually own?

I have a D70, D300, D800, D600, V1 and J5.

Each new generation is better or significantly better than the previous.

What actual knowledge do you have of the D5?
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